Rules for disqualification of members

A member (including managing and founder trustees) shall be disqualified to continue as a member of the ERDA on the following grounds and reasons: 

           On his/her death

           On his /her resignation from the membership of ERDA 

           He / She becomes mentally derelict

The Governing Body recommend to the General Body to suspend or remove a member’s name from the register of members on grounds of some behavioural infraction or an act tantamount to be hindrance to the functioning and opposed to the objectives of the trust. Provided that a proper enquiry has been made and report submitted thereon and that the reasonable opportunities was given to the defaulting member to defend himself / herself / itself before the inquiry and also present his / her /it case when it is being voted in the general body.

Cessation of membership for any reason shall not entail any member for the refund of any contribution or donations or gifts etc made to the trust