Education Research and Development Association (ERDA) is a registered non profit, non political and non government organisation. It is founded by Mr. R. K. Mishra, an educator by profession with some of his students with a vison “To Transform The World Through Education, Innovation and Compassion” in the year of 2015 (28th February) at Patna. Patna is the capital of the State of Bihar, a state of India which is popular across the globe for brilliant minds. Bihar is the place where many legendries have been born. 

ERDA is a membership organisation, any Indian or Foreign National and Institution may take the membership of ERDA. At present it has 668 members from 13 countries of the world. 

ERDA works in the field of education, research and social development. It has number of objectives. For accomplishment of these objectives, ERDA has set up various centres.  

It organises guest lectures, workshops, webinars, seminars, conferences, talent search examinations, and various academic and social events from time to time. For recognition of research work of the members, their work is also published by the Association in its Journals, Books and Working Paper Series.  

ERDA is governed by a fully democratic and diversified board. Each member of the Governing Body is elected by the General Body. General Body constitutes all the members of the ERDA. Governing Body of ERDA is diversified on the basis of qualification, experience, gender and geographical location of the members.